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Designing Comfort at Home

open concept great room

You are probably already in the Christmas mood and all you can think of is what to get for everyone on your list. Me too! However, if you are someone who likes setting new year resolutions and making plans for the new year, you are more likely to achieve your goals according to an Ottawa based business psychologist Nancy Morris, who motivates our team at CPI Interiors. So planning home improvements ahead of time makes them more achievable.
The last two years showed us how crucial comfort at home is to our well-being while we spend much more time at home and perhaps even work from home. Moreover, loving your home can directly translate to how comfortable you are at home. So, let’s think of what can be done to make coming home feel like a fiesta.

There are three steps to designing comfort at home, which are purging and organizing, updating and redecorating.

Purging is the crucial first step in preparation to planning smart organizing solutions. Once you have successfully thinned out your possessions you are left with things that you truly love and need. It will then be more evident how to efficiently organize them. Think of beautiful cubbies and drawers in the mudroom, a nice folding station and laundry sorters in the laundry room and a neat closet designed specifically for your wardrobe. Another example of a project with the highest joy factor is custom built-ins for a great room or a family room to hide clutter and make the space magazine cover worthy.

If your home feels dated, you have not renovated yet there are a couple of basic things you can do to instantly improve the ambiance such as removing popcorn ceilings and updating light fixtures. Knowing how long you plan to stay in your home will help your designer strategize to spend every dollar wisely and help you avoid costly mistakes.

After addressing design elements of the home requiring renovation it is finally time for the fun part – decorating.
Often a bad layout is just a matter of properly decorating the space with scale and traffic flow in mind. Investing into quality always pays back long term and I would highly suggest striving for the best quality you can afford. What about the colour and style? Well, colour is very personal and I believe in staying true to what you love rather than trying to follow trends. Nevertheless, it is interesting to know what is happening in the interior design industry and what colours are claimed to be the color of the year. This year we will see a lot of green based on the featured October Mist by Benjamin Moore, Breakfast Room Green by Farrow and Ball and Evergreen For by Sherwin Williams. The Pantone color of the year has not been announced at the time of writing this article, so the time will tell what the global authority of colour has to say we all will be drawn to. Stylewise there is high demand for transitional, traditional and modern farmhouse styles in the greater Ottawa area as seen from the projects we worked on in 2021.

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