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Designing Comfort at Home

open concept great room

You are probably already in the Christmas mood and all you can think of is what to get for everyone on your list. Me too! However, if you are someone who likes setting new year resolutions and making plans for the new year, you are more likely to achieve your goals according to an Ottawa based business psychologist Nancy Morris, who motivates our team at CPI Interiors. So planning home improvements ahead of time makes them more achievable. The last two years showed us how crucial comfort at home is to our well-being while we spend much more time at home and perhaps even work from home. Moreover, loving your home can directly translate to how comfortable you are at...

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Creating Comfort at Home

Yellow Accent Family Room

We all like to be able to come home and feel relaxed and comfortable. A home is supposed to be a sanctuary where you are able to relax and unwind away from the outside world. In reality, many homeowners are not satisfied with how their home looks or functions and often cannot pinpoint why. Traffic flow is the number one hindrance to a successful furniture arrangement. Poorly placed traffic paths and improperly dimensioned pieces generate irritation and create safety hazards. Improving circulation routes in your home will ensure creation of a calming and stress-reducing environment. Observe the regularly traveled traffic paths and look for ways to rearrange your furniture so that you do not hinder open door passages and create pools...

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