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Achieving an Elegant yet Informal Dining Room to Enjoy a Good Company

Dining Room Shot

There always comes time in our lives when we need change. It might be a change of career, lifestyle, priorities or our surrounding. When we met with owners of this beautiful dining room they were planning their downsizing.

I was thrilled that Anna and Denis were open experimenting with colour and gave me a blessing to design what I thought will suite the couple best. Transition to a more contemporary style was on the radar.

We wanted to incorporate some existing pieces and the dining room chandelier, table and large mirror helped to emphasize the character of the room.
As part of a designing phase, decorators listen to what the clients want esthetically and functionally and interpret it through the lens of own perception of beauty. I saw the home owners as lively and open minded people which drove the concept of the space.

We wanted to achieve an informal yet elegant space. We added crown moldings. Going with grass cloth wallpaper in a calm warm tone helped us achieve a touch of timelessness whereas pops of colour in the wood stain of the dining table and chairs and art added some playfulness.

Creamy pleated drapery panels with a decorative trimming framed a large window and sheer shades allowed to control light and create more privacy when needed.

A stain resistant are rug with a forgiving pattern helped to ground the space and made it kid and adult proof 🙂
Now, it is only a matter of inviting a good company over.

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