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Five Reasons Why Hiring a Decorator Is Worth It

Why do people hire decorators? You might be someone who knows what you like and given options you can clearly tell what feels like you and what does not. But, perhaps, when you start gathering all the ideas you have collected so far in your Pinterest boards you realize that that cohesive vision hasn’t quite developed. Or the decisions seem to be daunting. And how to make sure that all of it will look good with the rest of your home? There are several reasons why even the most creative people hire decorators to help them make that project come to life. Decorators know how to marry beauty and functionOne of the most important parts of the design process is getting to...

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Webinar – How to Decorate Open Concept Floor Plans

I am excited to invite you to my webinar on How to Decorate Open Concept Floor Plan! The webinar will take place on Wednesday September 30th at 6:30 pm EST and you can REGISTER HERE. If your home has an open concept design that you are finding difficult to work with this webinar is tailored for you. Are you curious about how to properly decorate an open concept space? Join me as I discuss all of the wonderful things that go into an open concept design. I will discuss the do’s and don’t of open concept spaces as well as go through some amazing before and after photos that will leave you excited to get started. You will be able to ask questions at...

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