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Contemporary Haven

contemporary haven

Aside from the creative aspect, meeting new people is what I truly love about my job! It is interesting to learn about their lifestyle, needs, wants and vision of their dream home. Translating those into functional spaces that would fit their lifestyle and reflect tastes of the home owners is an exciting and challenging task every time. I met this lovely family after they had settled in in a newly built home and needed some help pulling it all together. Moving into a new home is an exciting stage of life. It is first a temporary discomfort of trying to find things in unpacked boxes, then finding a place for everything and training the muscle memory and learning where everything is in the...

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Creating a Retreat for a Family

When we met with the home owners for the first time, they were looking for help to freshen up their beautiful traditional house. They wanted their family room and powder room to reflect their tastes. Creating a comfortable space that the young family can grow into was equally important.   As for many family room gatherings for conversations, board games or watching movies was the main goal of their family room too. We wanted to seat six people comfortably. The alcove above the fireplace presented a decorating challenge. To tie it with a fresh nature inspired theme with lots of cool greys, blues and greens, the alcove was wallpapered and had a texture and some shine to it resembling the sky. A sun...

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Webinar – Recipe for an Amazing Family Room- April 2020

Webinar - Recipe for an Amazing Family Room

We all like to be able to come home and feel relaxed and comfortable. A home is supposed to be a sanctuary where you are able to unwind away from the outside world. If you are interested to learn a proven recipe for creating beautiful and functional spaces for families, join me for my "Recipe for an Amazing Family Room" Webinar. The webinar will take place on April 29th 2020 at 6:30 pm. I will share the simple steps I use to transform spaces for families. Please register to participate in this fun webinar! ...

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Getting your Family Room Ready for Holidays

It is already December and it is so nice to listen to classic Christmas music on the radio. The holiday season is here!Christmas tree is up, our home is decorated and the Elf on the Shelf has arrived. I hope you enjoy all the Christmas activities that get you into the holiday spirit too. If you are hosting this year, soon enough, your family room will be filled with presents and loving family members for the big holiday celebration. There is still time to make sure your living space encourages the party and acclimates guests with ease. Consider the following tips to get your family room ready for the holidays: 1) Organize The first step is any room transformation is decluttering. Get rid of that stack of old magazines and another...

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