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Renovating to Feel at Home

neutral backsplash

No matter how much you might love a house you are about to buy, you will still find things you would want to change to make it feel like home, to feel truly yours.My recent clients hired me to help them personalize and update their current home. Due to the nature of their work they used to move often and have never had the luxury to truly personalize their home.So, their current spacious and beautifully laid out home was the perfect contender for a major update to tell their story. It was refreshing to discover that my clients loved bold colours and did not want neutrals or off whites. After discussing their wish list items and priorities, we ended up...

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Big Impact

My husband and I bought our first brand new home from a builder in 2015. Both of us were sure that this would be our dream home and we would never move again. The house was a detached home, upgraded according to our taste and backing onto a park-in-the-making, which was a huge commodity in the GTA. Life went on, kids grew older, and our plans for future have changed completely when we decided to move to Ottawa and convinced my parents to move as well. All that said, people go through lifestyle and life cycle changes despite the condition of their home – whether new or old. There will always be things that no longer work for or satisfy an owner. If...

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