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Living room in blue and white

Meeting new people and earning their trust when it comes to decorating, revamping and renovating their homes comes with the responsibility of interpreting their functional needs and esthetic preferences correctly to achieve a stunning end result they will be thrilled about.

I always ask about the style we want to achieve. HGTV savvy homeowners can often pinpoint what they want whereas for many others describing a desired look is challenging.

As I thought of the topic for this article, the first instinct was to write about different interior design styles and discuss how they differ and what makes them unique. Fitting it all into a compact article is next to impossible. So, we will talk about the most popular decorating style in Ottawa – the transitional design.

We all know that transitional means moving from one place or thing to another. But what does it mean in reference to interior design? The term “transitional design” is often used to describe the marriage of traditional and contemporary furniture, finishing and materials. Essentially, it is a combination of two styles in one space, resulting in a cohesive design.

Many clients want to toss the rules out the window and merge traditional elements such as wainscoting or antique furniture and modern, clean-lined furnishings. A transitional space often reads as classic and timeless with an unexpected twist.

While there are many interpretations of this style there are a couple of steps to achieve a well-blended transitional look.

  1. Start with the biggest piece of furniture you will need for the space and select something that you truly love. If it is a sofa and it is traditional you might want to lighten up your concept with the armchairs that are more contemporary. Truly traditional interiors are often bulky. Try selecting something that looks traditional, but moderate in scale.
  2. Introduce a clean lined coffee table, night stand or desk, depending on the space you decorate.
  3. Keep your color scheme classic calm with some punches of color and pattern. Pillows are a great way of introducing a new hue. Tie it together with the colour of your area rug.
  4. Add art and décor that makes you happy.
  5. Light fixtures are the jewelry of every home. Make a statement with a possibly more contemporary light fixture. Refer to a light fixture size guide as it is different for different rooms in the house and the location of the fixture

If you like 60% contemporary and 40% traditional, stick to the formula for the mixture of the two styles and keep it consistent throughout the house.

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